Current Course List 2016 – 2017

Half Day Cordage $50 – Identify and harvest plants, process their fibers and turn it into string and rope for multiple purposes.

1 Day Atlatl Making $125 – Handcraft and learn to use this amazing long range primitive dart then take it home. Go on, google it.

1 Day Goat Cheese $150 – Make goat cheese from scratch, meet and milk Amelia, learn the process and enjoy the product. Bring crackers.

1 Day Fire Starting Through the Ages $85 – A journey through time learning fire starting methods from stone age to modern day: friction fires, fire piston, flint and steel, as well as related fire skills – Seasonal

1 Day Emergency Kit Use $85 – Prepare for a worst case scenario and learn the secrets of how to make the most of your emergency kit – hands on training – you have got the kit now learn to use it

1 Day Bushcraft 101 $85 – An intro to basic bush skills: not sure where to start, this is the course for you.

1 Day Soap Making $85 – An intro to basic soap making start to finish and take home your very own handmade soap

1 Day Prepping $125 – Learn how to prepare yourself for hard times with basic skills such as canning, food preservation, understanding provisioning, trade goods and services.

2 Day Prepping $250  – Day 1 same as above, day 2 more in depth and first aid and emergency kits, bugging out vs bugging in, basic self defence, preparing home and family.

2 Day Basket Making $250 – Learn how to gather and prepare materials then take home 2 baskets of your own creation using Pine needles and reeds.

2 Day Wild Edibles and Medicinal Plants $250 – Through hands on foragers walks you will learn how to confidently identify and prepare common plants from the world around you.

2 Day Shelter Building $250 – Learning how and where to build an emergency shelter under varying conditions and spend the night in your shelter (optional).

2 Day Family Survival Skills $250, Kids $75 – Emergency Wilderness Survival for the whole family, basic survival skills every child and adult should know. A fun and educational getaway for the whole family.

The Details:

Overnight courses include: camping spot, breakfast and dinner utilizing many farm fresh products, non alcoholic beverages, experienced instructors & course materials, All prices in CDN $

Boxed lunches available for a fee or feel free to bring your own

Custom courses and corporate team building seminars available on request.

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